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Warranty & Exemption

1. How is the quality of our products?
Please check “ Quality Control” above, our products are manufactured under stringent ISO 9001 quality control systems to assure printing performance equal or exceed that of the original equipment manufacturers. All the laser and ink cartridges are 100% tested in production.
2. General Warranty
A . Warranty period

All period below is based on indoor storage under normal temperature circumstance (not open package).
Compatible new toner cartridge---18 months after shipping date
Remanufactured toner cartridge---18 months after shipping date
Compatible new ink cartridge---24 months after shipping date.
Remanufactured ink cartridge---18 months after shipping date
B. Allowable defective rate
Quality control in our factory is within 1% defect rate for brand new products and within 1.5 % for remanufactured products, and It is subject to defective during transportation, improper use and storage circumstance.
Considering the damage during transportation, storage and sales, a defect rate of 1-3% is reasonable and acceptable in each batch products. Nature Toner will be free of responsibility of defective rate below following rates. But all the defective products exceeding below rate will be within our responsibility to replace or refund according to Warranty policy.
Compatible new ink cartridge---<1 %
Remanufactured ink cartridge---<2 %
Compatible new Toner cartridge---<1.5 %
Remanufactured Toner cartridge----<2.5 %
Nature Toner are positive that you will be happy with our service and quality of our products. Nature Toner offer 100% Guarantee on our product and agree 1:1 replacement for defective goods exceeding the above rate. All compatible products are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for a period of at least 12 months from shipping date.
Nature Toner warrants that all our products are free from defectives in materials and workmanship. Liability under this warranty is that  will replace or refund any defective products only found be defective under normal use and service.
2. Exemption clause & Disclaimer Statement       
1) Nature Toner don’t guarantee damage caused by improper usage or other misuse:
a. We are not responsible for damage to the printhead or circuitry as a result of improper handling, storage, or misuse.
b. Under normal use and operation, our products will not cause any damage, abnormal wear, or deterioration to printer. When using (removing tape, installing, changing out, or printing with) please be sure to use caution as we do not warranty any part of your  printer machine. We only warranty the product itself. So please use caution and common sense when removing product from packages, installing in machine, removing from machine, or refilling your own cartridges.
2) Original printer manufacturer may update (chip) program on their printer and consumables in future, Nature Toner can not guarantee the compatibility about this kind of updating and don’t take the risk of updating, customer has to consider it when you order from us. But our product can be used on those printers which are ex-factory before updating. Also, we will update our program accordingly around 3 months later and help you on problem solving.
3) All brand names & trademarks are the properties of their respective owners, They are referred to here for descriptive purposes only.
3. Claim defective, RMA (Return Material Authorization) and replacement
1)  Make sure the goods are ordered from our company, there is production identification mark and production date on all of our products, please check it.
2)  Make sure the goods are within warranty period and make sure the defective rate beyond our allowance rate.
3)  Nature Toner will explain and help you on problem solving, or replace same models or replace other models in same value, or refund (deduct from next orders or refund directly) after receiving defected goods (report), testing and discussing with customer.
4) Weather customers need to return defected goods depends on different situation, because shipping cost and Custom charge is too high. If quantity is small, you may just need to take some photos of defective goods and report the defective (description, model, quantity) to us, we will replace new goods to you within next order after our QC confirm it. If quantity is big, we may ask you to send defective samples to us first, shipping cost will be on our account once defective is confirmed.
5) If customers want/need to return defected goods (including samples) to us, they must follow up our instruction and under our approval according to Chinese custom regulations, including shipping time, transportation method, packing and shipping mark, shipping document required, delivery address and freight charge. Buyer should not return the goods without our confirmation. Otherwise, we will not bear any possible losses of return and will claim for extra expenses.
6) Nature Toner will not be responsible for replacement in any of the following situation:
a. Products that have been confirmed not belonging to us.
b. Mechanical Damage: cartridges or chips etc are physically damaged by collision and squeezing.
c. Cartridges refilled by customer or cartridge that has been changed.
d. Cartridge (with ink or powder) consumed/used exceeding 50%. It can be checked by weight.
e. Cartridge that does not exist any quality problem.
f. Products whose warranty period has expired.